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Texas Man Pleads Guilty To Ramming Truck Into Houston FBI Entrance – Market Subset News


HOUSTON – A 43-year-old Waller County man has admitted to willfully injuring or committing depredation against property of the United States by ramming his truck and trailer into the signage entrance of the FBI, announced U.S. Attorney Jennifer B. Lowery.

On May 11, Jesus Jaimes Merlan approached the Houston FBI visitor security facility in a truck. Upon his arrival, he sat in his vehicle, smoked a cigarette and stared forward. At that time, he requested to speak to an agent.

Security advised him that he would have to return in the morning. Merlan responded by yelling he could not wait. He then backed his truck up and rammed it forward into the FBI signage.

Authorities took him into custody immediately and conducted an interview. At that time, he appeared to be in mental distress. He said he rammed the signage because he felt as if he was not getting any help. Merlan also made several incoherent remarks about individuals chasing or stalking him, wishing to do him harm and/or take his belongings.

As part of his plea, Merlan admitted he purposefully caused damage in order to speak to someone at the FBI.

The labor costs estimated to repair the gate and signage is over $35,000.

U.S. District Judge Lee Rosenthal will impose sentencing Feb. 9, 2023. At that time, Merlan faces up to 10 years in federal prison and a possible $250,000 fine.

He was permitted to remain on bond pending that hearing.


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