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Live from SF Sketchfest 2020 – This Week in Science (TWIS) – Episode 754 – Visual News Network

Episode 754 of the This Week in Science news Podcast (TWIS): “LIVE! from SF Sketchfest 2020!” Hear the latest science news stories with hosts Dr. Kiki, Blair Bazdarich and Justin Jackson!

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(0:00) – Recording Start (dance like a peacock spider…)
(1:59) – Intro, Dr. Kiki
(2:26) – Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer! – Justin
(4:06) – Opening Theme Music – (with live dancing!)
(4:39) – Opening “Good Science!” Greetings – with Dr. Kiki, Blair & Justin. Intros & Top Story Headlines.

(6:51) – Interstellar Stardust Found Inside Australian Meteorite Is a Staggering 7 Billion Years Old, Dr. Kiki –
See also – Lifetimes of interstellar dust from cosmic ray exposure ages of presolar silicon carbide –
(11:17) – How a crucial chemical element traveled to Earth and formed life, Dr. Kiki –
See also – Astronomers reveal interstellar thread of one of life’s building blocks –
(15:08) – Team builds the first living robots, Justin –

(20:08) – Blair’s Animal Corner
(20:21) – Blair’s Animal Corner Theme
(20:46) – Cat parasite reduces general anxiety in infected mice, not just fear of feline predators, Blair –
(29:17) – High temperatures due to global warming will be dramatic even for tardigrades, Blair –

(33:06) – And we’re at the break!

(33:11) – This is where you can find out about our Zazzle store ( and supporting us through Paypal ( and Patreon (…) — Blair needs to replace her ancient computer, please help! Tell more folks about TWIS ( And please leave great reviews for the podcast on iTunes ( More minions, please!

(34:24) – Back from the break!

(34:48) – Thank you to the LIVE Audience at SF Sketchfest 2020.

(34:57) – Study: Humanity’s footprint is squashing world’s wildlife, Justin –
(38:32) – Sugar changes the chemistry of your brain, Dr. Kiki –
See also – Sucrose intake lowers μ-opioid and dopamine D2/3 receptor availability in porcine brain –
(43:53) – Astronomers discover class of strange objects near our galaxy’s enormous black hole, Justin –
(47:23) – ‘Frankenstein’ material can self-heal, reproduce, Dr. Kiki –

Quick Science Bytes! —

(51:17) – Lazy moths taste disgusting, Blair –
(53:11) – Beach-combing Neanderthals dove for shells, Justin –
(54:41) – New Bone-Eating Life Form Discovered in Bizarre Alligator-Corpse Study –

Stories we didn’t get to, but are here for you in the notes —

• Beauty sleep could be real, say body clock biologists –
See also – Building materials come alive with help from bacteria –
• The mysterious, legendary giant squid’s genome is revealed, Dr. Kiki –
See also – A draft genome sequence of the elusive giant squid, Architeuthis dux –
• Camera traps show coyotes on the doorstep of South America, Blair –

(57:52) – Show wrap up.

(58:46) – Thank you’s to our Patreon Sponsors

(1:00:04) – NEXT WEEK! – An interview with Moriba Jah – Astrodynamacist on SPACE DEBRIS!!

(1:01:51) – End Theme – (with more dancing!)

And that’s all, folks! Except, we still have…

(1:05:15) – The After Show – much giving away TWIS Schwag/Tchotchke’s, hugs and selfies from friends, new and old, from the audince. All the music all the time. The tear down of Dr. Kiki’s computer, the wave goodbye, interrupted by old friend, then another good night wave and… that was it!


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