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Tulsi Gabbard Leaves Democratic Party, Goes On Blistering Screed Against ‘Wokeness’ – Market Subset News


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A former Democrat representative and former Democrat candidate for president has officially left the Party.

Former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who has been critical of the party in recent times, has finally had enough of the “wokeness” and “warmongers” in the party, calling it an “elitist cabal.”


“I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism, actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms, are hostile to people of faith & spirituality, demonize the police & protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans, believe in open borders, weaponize the national security state to go after political opponents, and above all, dragging us ever closer to nuclear war,” she said on Twitter while not elaborating on whether she would join another Party.

“I believe in a government that is of, by, and for the people. Unfortunately, today’s Democratic Party does not. Instead, it stands for a government of, by, and for the powerful elite,” the former representative said.

“I’m calling on my fellow common sense independent-minded Democrats to join me n leaving the Democratic Party. If you can no longer stomach the direction that so-called woke Democratic Party ideologues are taking our country, I invite you to join me,” she said.

It was a brutal statement that took down the entire Party and it was not the first time she took apart her Party and its leaders.

In August, Gabbard Tore Into Vice President Kamala Harris, a former prosecutor, over her response to the imprisonment and sentence of WNBA star Brittney Griner in Russia.

“With today’s sentencing, Russia continues its wrongful detention of Brittney Griner. She should be released immediately. @POTUS and I, and our entire Administration, are working every day to reunite Brittney, as well as Paul Whelan, with loved ones who miss each of them dearly,” the vice president said.

The vice president was immediately called on her hypocrisy by many on Twitter.

“Two things: How many people are still incarcerated for the same offense because of you? And you’re high right now aren’t you?” Chad Prather said.


“It’s not a wrongful detention. If you break the law, you pay the price. If you go to a different country, learn the laws before you go. How many people did Harris imprison for weed when she was AG of Failifornia?” Kimberly Morin said.

“And if anyone knows anything about wrongful detentions of people, it’s Kamala Harris,” another said.

Speaking to Fox News host Will Cain, Gabbard went in on the vice president.

“Another note of hypocrisy coming from Kamala Harris and this administration, as you mentioned during her illustrious record as attorney general in California…she kept prisoners in prison longer than their sentences to use them as free slave labor yet at the same time these very same people are condemning other countries for doing the exact same thing. It doesn’t make any sense,” she said.

“”My question for her and the Biden administration – where is your outrage for your fellow Americans who are sitting in prison today here in the United States of America because of minor marijuana violations,” she said. “How come you are not fighting as hard for them to be returned home and reunited with their families as you are for Brittney Griner.”

“To me, the message to the American people through [the administration’s] actions is loud and clear, is that if you are rich and powerful or famous, then you will get special treatment from this administration,” the former representative said. “If you are not. We don’t care about you, and we’re going to let you sit there and rot in jail.”

“Unfortunately, like too many politicians, it seems that she puts her finger to the wind and decides the things she’s supposed to be angry about on any given day and if it becomes politically inconvenient or damaging then she’ll switch the other way,” she said.

“Kamala Harris cries crocodile tears for Britney Griner’s marijuana possession prison sentence, but as AG she incarcerated thousands of people for marijuana possession, kept them in jail to use as slave labor, and laughed about her own marijuana use in college. Shameful hypocrisy,” she said on Twitter.

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