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10 Clever Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding – Wedding of your Dreams

Weddings are costly, there’s no way of prettying up that fact! But it’s good to remind yourself, they only have to cost what you are willing and able to spend. Today we have 10 clever ways to save you money on your wedding. The best piece of advice we can offer you is to have a plan. Don’t rush from one booking to the next, know exactly what you want and how much it will cost. Having only a vague idea will lead to spending your hard earned cash all too easily, we don’t want that! 

For an up-to-date insight into costs in Ireland be sure to check out our annual wedding cost survey here. 

1. Choose your date wisely 

When you choose to hold your wedding will have a direct impact on the price you pay. Being flexible with your date and even season will hopefully lead to better deals. Summer is obviously peak wedding season which means higher demand and possibly, higher prices. Try to avoid key holiday times such as Christmas, New Year and Easter. 

2. Set an actual budget

Work out your budget and track every quote you receive. Your wedding is likely to be the most expensive thing you will ever plan so not keeping a grasp on each expense and staying within budget will mean the overall cost will quickly creep up! 

3. Keep account of ALL your wedding costs

Setting up a document to track every single wedding cost will help you stay within your budget. The devils in the detail so be sure to include every single expense. No cheating! 

4. Create wedding shopping lists 

When you are out wedding shopping know what you are after, don’t purchase on a whim. 

5. Research is your friend

Take your time to research all your ideas online first. Sticking to a budget requires lots of planning and no impulse decisions. 

6. Choose a simple theme

Of course your day doesn’t have to have a strong theme but if you decide to have one keep it simple. Thinking outside the box is always a good idea! 

7. Consider if DIY really is cheaper

You might be surprised if you cost out and compare some elements of your day, asking the professionals might actually save you money. 

8. Consider a mid-week date

Friday and Saturday will always be the most popular days to get married on. By choosing a Wednesday or Thursday you could save a lot on wedding packages. Chat to your venue choices and discover if there’s a saving to be made. 

9. More guests means more money

One of the easiest ways to keep your costs down is to have less guests – it’s a simple fact! Trim your guestlist and only invite those who really are near and dear to you, not old aunt Pat who you haven’t saw since you were three! 

10. Join elements together

Hosting your ceremony at your reception venue will keep transport costs down, whilst serving your wedding cake as dessert will shrink your food bill. Bring elements of the day together in clever ways to save money. 

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