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Six Tips For Having a Cheese Wedding Cake – Wedding of your Dreams

Today we’re chatting all things cheese wedding cakes, because not everyone has a sweet tooth! 

If you’re a big cheese lover, having a wedding cake made of the stinky stuff might be an obvious choice, but where do you start? (Here’s a great place, fyi!) Today we’re sharing six tips that will help you create the perfect cheese wedding cake. 

1. Order extra of the smaller top tiers

If you think about it as the cake gets taller and smaller to the top, there will be less cheese! Often you can find that these cheese varieties are loved by your guests so it’s a good idea to have extra by the side to ensure everyone gets to taste once it is served. 

2. Be sure to pre-taste all the cheeses you choose

Taste is so important, you want your guests to enjoy your selection so make sure you taste every variety before you make your decisions. 

3. Size and colour matters

As well as tasting amazing, the very best cheeses will also look stunning. Although it’s not all about the size, choose your cheese to that the layers up up in nice steps with a smaller diameter between each layer. For extra oomph choose cheeses with interesting colour and exterior. 

4. Choose different styles of cheese

Your cheese wedding cake shouldn’t contain cheese that all taste the same and have the same texture, be sure to mix it up! Aim for at least one hard, one soft and a blue cheese option. Hard cheeses will most likely be the most popular so aim for the biggest quantity of it. 

5. Add height to your cake

Create a taller illusion by adding elements like glass tea light holders and foliage in between each layer. 

6. Serve at room temperature

Cheese tastes its best when served at room temperature, so make sure it’s out of the fridge at least a couple of hours before its cut. If the weather is very warm be aware that soft cheeses like brie could start to run so timing needs to be perfect! 

Would you consider forgoing a traditional wedding cake in favour of a cheese cake? 


(Main image via Rock My Wedding)
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