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More Illegal Migrants Arrive Outside VP Harris’ Residence as NYC Mayor Declares State of Emergency – Market Subset News


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Border state governors in Texas and Arizona are continuing to spread the task of dealing with massive influxes of illegal migrants with Democrats who have long advocated for lax immigration enforcement and so-called “sanctuary cities.” And that includes our current vice president, Kamala Harris.

On Thursday, more busses dropped off illegal migrants outside her Naval Observatory home in Washington, D.C., ahead of a declaration of a state of emergency from New York City Mayor Eric Adams after more than 17,000 migrants have been sent to the city beginning last spring.


“Busloads of undocumented migrants began arriving in liberal strongholds without warning earlier this year as GOP governors seek to call attention to what they say are the Biden administration’s failed border policies,” NBC News reported. “Many of the migrants — which include men, women and children — told NBC News that they came from Venezuela. They were seen carrying small white bags with their only possessions.”

The outlet reported further:

Busloads of migrants began arriving in liberal strongholds without warning earlier this year as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, both of whom are Republicans running for re-election, have sought to use the tactic to call attention to what they say are the Biden administration’s failed border policies. Thousands of migrants have since arrived in New York, Washington, Chicago and beyond, sending officials in those cities scrambling to provide a system of support services to them.

Meanwhile on Friday, Adams issued his emergency declaration: “We are in a crisis situation. This is a humanitarian crisis that started with violence and instability in South America, and it’s being accelerated by American political dynamics. This crisis is not of our own making, but one that will affect everyone in this city now and in the months ahead.”

However, while Texas and Arizona have been dealing with millions of migrants, only around 17,000 or so have been bussed to his city, according to the New York Post, which added that NYPD officers launched an operation on Friday ahead of Adams’ declaration inspecting every bus that dropped off migrants earlier in the morning and issuing tickets for even the slightest infractions.


For her part, Harris has recently claimed that the border is “secure” despite figures estimating that more than 2 million migrants have crossed illegally into the U.S. just this year alone. Speaking with “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd, Harris — who was assigned the task of dealing with a surge in illegal immigration and drug smuggling by President Joe Biden not long after they took office — was asked about the current status of the border last month.

“I think that there is no question that we have to do what the president and I asked Congress to do. The first request we made, pass a bill to create a pathway to citizenship. The border is secure, but we also have a broken immigration system, in particular over the last four years before we came in, and it needs to be fixed,” she said.

However, in a morning appearance on “Fox & Friends” the following day, Goliad County, Texas, Sheriff Roy Boyd pushed back on Harris’ claims while also praising Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) for bussing hundreds of volunteer migrants to Democrat-run “sanctuary” cities like Washington, D.C., New York City, and Chicago.

“It was a great ploy by Governor Abbott to bring attention back to something that was kind of fading away from mainstream media,” Boyd said. “He’s put it back in their lap, and I applaud him for what he’s done.”

He then went on to mock Harris’ claim of a “secure” border. “The border is wide open,” Boyd said. “In Texas, the Border Patrol is encountering over 100,000 illegal aliens. So every month, Border Patrol agents tell me that on a good day, they encounter between eight and 15 percent of the number of people that actually come across.”

Other border sheriffs have similarly pushed back on Harris’ claims after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey began bussing illegal immigrants north to Democrat-run cities in April.

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