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UK: ‘There were paramedics rushing to them’ – Three people injured after stabbing in central London

Three people were hospitalised after being stabbed in central London’s Bishopsgate on Thursday.

Footage captured after the incident shows an area cordoned off by police littered with discarded clothing and medical equipment. Blood can be seen on the pavement.

A local named Ross said he was cycling towards London Bridge when the stabbing occurred.

“This morning I was cycling past on my way to London Bridge station and there were loads of sirens and traffic, and as I was passing by just here, there were some paramedics rushing to someone that was on the ground,” he said.

“There was definitely someone on the floor and there were paramedics rushing to them. I saw them running to them and then getting down on the ground, but I didn’t really stop. The area felt a bit chaotic and dangerous,” he added.

According to reports, one victim was injured after attempting to fight off a cellphone thief. Members of the public stepped in to help and were also injured by the masked knifeman.

The City of London Police has said the incident is not being treated as a terror-related attack.

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