Wedding of your Dreams

Nine Planning Tips To Easily Organise Your Wedding – Wedding of your Dreams

Whatever planning stage you may be at in your journey to saying I Do, these nine tips will help! From saving you time, stress and a few quid, they’ll make planning your wedding even easier. 

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1. Create a wedding email address

To ensure nothing gets lost and you’re not constantly spammed with wedding info whilst at work, create a separate wedding email just for your wed-min. With everything in one place you’ll have easy access to whatever you need and you can share it with your other half too. 

2. Gift practical wedding items to your bridal party

If you’re doing wedding gifts to thank you bridal party (and there’s no rule says you have to!) try not to go for things they will never use again after the wedding. Choose gifts that are special to the recipient, go with their personality, it’s not only more personal but also a lot better for the planet! 

3. Unplug for the day 

After all the planning and build-up, your wedding day is time to relax, which includes unplugging. There’s nothing else for you to do on the day but to be there and enjoy every second, so put down that phone. Gently ask your guests to go unplugged too, you’ve a photographer booked to capture all the special moments, there’s no need for them to try capture them all too! 

4. Dress in the morning 

It’s most likely your photographer will be at your home capturing those special getting ready moments so do dress in something you’d like to be photographed in. It doesn’t have to be matching pj’s or fancy robes, but please stay away from your oldest t-shirt! 

5. Bride gets ready last

The bride should always be the last person getting hair and makeup done, and for several reasons… 

Your hair needs to last as long as possible, you want it to remain perfect until the end of the night. Secondly, your photographer will likely arrive around this time so timings will work perfectly for them to capture your boring prep. Plus your maids will be ready and looking fabulous instead of hiding from the camera. 

6. Wear in those shoes

This goes for all the bridal party, maids and groom too! 

7. Get yourself a crochet hook! 

If you’ve got lots of buttons on your wedding dress a crochet hook will save the day, believe us. It’ll get the job done in minutes and no nails will get damaged in the process. 

8. Give your guests a map and put out signage 

Especially if your ceremony or venue are in the back of beyond. It’ll save any stragglers turning up half way through and blaming their sat nav!

9. Entertainment will make or break the party

As well as what they ate, your guests will always remember and chat about the entertainment at your wedding. Whether you choose a live band, DJ, comedian or magician, putting effort into finding the best for your budget will pay off in the long run. Find award winning entertainers here. 

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