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Germany: Window smashed during suspected synagogue attack during Yom Kippur celebrations

Police in Hanover are investigating an alleged attack on a synagogue on Thursday during Yom Kippur celebrations.

Rabbi Shlomo Afanasev claims an unidentified individual threw a stone at a window, smashing a pane of glass near worshippers.

“It was a stone or certainly something heavy and big and it was thrown at the window and here the glass was broken, here there were a lot of women and visitors who noticed everything and immediately told the police everything,” the rabbi said.

“There were many people who were standing by the windows. It could be, I don’t theoretically erase what could have been a spontaneous act, but a spontaneous act against this synagogue is also an attack,” he added.

There were approximately 150 worshippers inside the synagogue when the alleged attack took place. Fortunately, no one was injured

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