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Germany: ‘We do not freeze for your policy’ – Thousands march against soaring energy costs in Zwickau

Over a thousand protesters took to the streets of Zwickau on Sunday to voice their discontent with the federal government’s handling of the energy crisis and soaring inflation.

Protesters were seen holding banners and signs with anti-establishment messages such as ‘We do not freeze for your policy!’, ‘Get out of NATO!’ and ‘Peace with Russia!’.

“We are of the opinion that the federal government is destroying our country with the way it governs,” said protester Horst Berghofer.

“As I said, the problem is that everything is getting more expensive, like heating costs and everything. Stop the war with Russia and stop all the lies about Russia,” said Ronny Gross, a member of the Free Saxon group.

According to local police, 1,400 people attended the march through the city centre. The protest remained peaceful and no arrests were made.

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