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Donald Trump Is ‘the Worst Narcissist on Planet Earth in the History of Mankind’ – Market Subset News

[WARNING: Adult Language]

Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson said Wednesday on The Recount’s “Hell & High Water” podcast that former President Donald Trump “is the worst narcissist on the planet Earth in the history of mankind.”

Host John Heilemann asked, “Do yo think Merrick Garland will indite Trump?”

Wilson said, “I suspect he will indite him. I don’t think it changes the political layout of the country that much. Liberals will say, ‘Oh it’s done now, it’s over.’ And it wont matter to Republicans.”

Wilson said, “Donald Trump’s business model now is no longer real estate. It’s an email list, milking the shit out of his donors. His politics is a better revenue source, a more profitable, it doesn’t cost him that much to run that situation versus actually having to do real estate and get loans and build things. Donald Trump likes the easy money of politics.”

He continued, “He also is the worst narcissist on the planet Earth in the history of mankind. He desperately misses being back in the game, in the spotlight, in the center of every conversation. So, in a lot of ways, even though the FBI was kicking the door down at Mar-a-Lago, I promise you there was a part of Donald Trump that was like, yes, this is good for me.”

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