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Who Will We Investigate First? Rep. Jim Jordan Torches the JCPA, Lays Out Plan for GOP-Controlled House – Market Subset News

Host Alex Marlow begins today’s episode with a hurricane Ian update, as the rescue continues and the cleanup begins in Florida amid the apocalyptic scenes of destruction. But we are far from out of the woods because the storm is now set to slam into South Carolina. Also in Alex’s monologue: The economy is doing even worse than you thought. Alex shares some new stats. Migrant buses are headed to a new lux resort area. Alex has the details. Congress keeps spending money on Ukraine. A top Biden administration official’s wife has been named the diplomat for plants and animals—not a joke! (Well, it is a joke, but we’re not joking.) The UC Berkeley has gone full anti-Semitic. Trevor Noah has quit the Daily Show. Alex explains why that doesn’t matter and why no one should care. All this and more in the opening, including updates on immigration, politics, and wokeness. Our guest today is Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). He discusses his staunch opposition to the JCPA, who and what he will investigate first if House Republicans win back the majority (Is Hunter in the crosshairs?), and why school choice matters now more than ever.

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