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Protesters gather outside Madrid’s Iranian embassy following death of Mahsa Amini – Market Subset News

Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Iranian embassy in Madrid on Wednesday to condemn the death of Mahsa Amini.

Activists were seen burning veils in the colours of the Iranian flag and holding signs reading ‘compulsory hijab, NO!’ in a show of solidarity with Amini, who died following her arrest by Tehran’s ‘morality police’ for allegedly breaking strict hijab rules.

“We protest against the death of Masha Amini, the arrest of those who denounced it, the death and the violent attitude of the Iranian government against the demonstrations of women and men who are demanding their freedom and rights in Iran,” said Fatima Anllo, President of Classical and Modern Association.

Madrid City Councillor, Jose Manuel also attended the event and spoke of the struggles of women fighting oppression all over the world.

“We think that the struggle of women in Iran and all over the world against any instrument of repression, of obligation, of imposition, is a just cause,” he said. Women in Iran are taking off the hijab in protest against this obligation to wear it because not wearing it can lead to detention, torture and even death, as we have just seen.”

The event was organised by the Association for Human Rights in Spain in collaboration with several feminist groups and the Classical and Modern Association.

Amini fell into a coma and died on September 16, following her arrest by Tehran’s ‘morality police’ for allegedly breaking strict hijab rules.

Police say she had a heart attack and that her death was an ‘unfortunate accident’. Demonstrators claim she was beaten, while her family has denied she had any health problems.

Other protests have been seen inside Iran and around the world. President Ebrahim Raisi said that her death must be investigated, but also accused Western countries of ‘double standards’ on human rights.

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