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You’ll know by now how much time and effort goes in to planning a wedding. Add a little sprinkling of DIY and the to-do list just got a whole lot longer! Whilst we’re all for putting your mark on your day, try not to add extra stress also. If you’re considering DIY-ing some elements for your day, today we’ve got five failsafe rules for you to stick to… 

Always choose items or elements that can be made ahead of time 

Believe me you do not want to be knee-deep in glitter and glue two days before your wedding! Only consider making elements that can be created well ahead of time. 

Ask for help from your bridal party, friends and family 

For the sake of your stress levels, please ask for help! Your bridal party, friends and family are there to help you out and make your special day just that, special. Creating elements for your wedding is a great excuse to spend a Saturday doing fun DIY projects with nibbles and wine – the craic will be 90! And you’ll get to cross things off your to-do list even quicker. 

Play to your strengths

It might be tempting to give everything and anything a go, but you’ll soon discover this could be a huge waste of time, effort and money – especially if things go wrong. You could pay a supplier to help you fix any major problems if the day is getting close, but saving money is probably one of the main reasons you are doing any DIY, and therefore defeats the purpose! Stick to your strengths, whether that’s sewing, drawing, calligraphy or floral design. Don’t try to get good at something or you could have 20 half finished projects and a lot of stress hanging over your head! 

Create a mood board

We’re big fans of having an overall wedding look, or mood board in mind when you are planning your day. Creating a mood board which includes your wedding style, colours and elements you want to include. When you’re dreaming up DIY projects be sure to revert back to the mood board to ensure you’re on track with creating a seamless look. 

Visit markets and charity shops

Whilst weddings are amazing events they have the possibility of being very wasteful. To help counteract this we are huge fans of shopping in charity shops and markets – believe us, the gems you’ll find will blow your mind! You should also consider donating items after the wedding to keep the green ethos alive! 

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