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‘Can’t Get These Wet’ – Market Subset News

Florida reporter Kyla Galer of NBC2 became a viral sensation on Wednesday when she defended having a condom over her microphone on live TV.

Speaking from a parking lot in Fort Myers, Florida, Galer addressed the elephant in the room as viewers wondered if the plastic wrapping on her microphone was indeed what they thought it was.

“NBC 2 practicing safe microphone reporting during hurricane Ian,” tweeted one viewer.

“@NBCNewsNow really got this woman out here holding a mic wrapped in a condom up to her face,” said another.

Galer later defended her use of a condom in her Instagram Stories.

“A lot of people are asking what is on my microphone,” she said.

“It is what you think it is. It’s a condom. It helps protect the gear. You can’t get these mics wet. There’s a lot of wind and a lot of rain, so we gotta do what we gotta do and that is put a condom on the microphone,” she added.

Naturally, people on social media jumped in with all kinds of jokes, puns, and double-entendres in what became a lighter note in an otherwise serious news cycle as Hurricane Ian threatens the Florida shores.

“WE PRACTICE SAFE HURRICANE REPORTING,” tweeted ABC 7’s Jeff Butera. “Yes, it’s a condom. Nothing better to waterproof a microphone.” 

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