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5 on Friday Vaping News Science and Advocacy Rage for April 16th 2021 – Visual News Network

This is your Hunky Vape 5 on Friday Vaping News, Science, and Advocacy Report for the 16th of April 2021.
US Vaping News:
Oregon House Bill 2262 passes 43 to 4 and prohibits remote purchasing of inhalant delivery systems, aka ENDS products, AKA a vape device.
Indiana final price tax on tobacco harm reduction products is causing an uproar from all sides of the vape debate
Idaho senate just voted down SB 1087, which was the tobacco 21 legal enforcement bill… and now the American lung association is calling IDAHO the TEEN VAPING SANCTUARY STATE.
International Vaping News:
Melbourne, Florida based Bidi Vapor successfully completed the UK and EU regulatory process to enter 7 additional international markets, bringing the total to 11 countries.
Vape expo is completely online at
Estonian MP Tarmo Kruusimäe, of the centre-right Isamaa party was caught chilling in bed with a vape and music when it was his turn to ask a question during the parliamentary debate.
Taiwan set to ban electronic nicotine delivery systems,
Exploding ENDS regulations in New Zealand and the Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy (AVCA) is calling out the hypocrisy of the governments “proposals for a smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Action Plan!” Lastly, is the upcoming 2021 WORLD VAPE DAY and their slogan GO THE EXTRA MILE!
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00:00 Hunky Vape 5 on Friday Vaping News Science and Advocacy Rage Highlights for April 16th 2021

12:15 Oregon 1st state to decriminalize possession of drugs

12:45 Oregon House passes bill to ban online vape sales, close underage purchase loophole

14:43 OREGON Prohibits remote sale of inhalant delivery systems AKA Oregon Vape Mail Ban

18:17 Proposed Vaping Tax won’t curb use

21:37 Idaho becomes teen vaping sanctuary state

24:48 Kaival Brands to Expand International E-cig Distribution to 11 countries: Bidi Vapor secures marketing authorization for seven additional European nations

27:10 Estonian MP joins parliamentary debate while vaping in bed

28:56 Taiwan Targets Nicotine Delivery Devices and may ban ENDS in the second half of 2021

30:45 Govt’s Smokefree Plan Overlooks Vaping Alternative – Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy

33:58 Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy – AVCA New Zealand

35:02 2021 World Vape Day #GoTheExtraMile

39:15 Hunky Vape 5 on Friday Vaping News Science and Advocacy Report Conclusion

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