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5 on Friday Vaping News Science and Advocacy Rage for 26th March 2021 AKA PACT ACT Curfew for Vape – Visual News Network

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This is your Hunky Vape 5 on Friday Vaping News, Science, and Advocacy Report for the 26th of March 2021. AKA The Prevent Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act EVE AKA PACT ACT Enforcement Curfew.

Tobacco money tentacles have now been traced to ATHERA and now their charitable organization status is under attack.

Cambodia banned all Heated Tobacco Product and ENDS. Hey wait a minute didn’t they already ban them in 2014? Yup!

Tobacco Harm Reduction in Asia is under attack. Just like Canada.
Health Canada is now going to use social media influencers to target you to see things their way? ….

Hey did you hear that Rhode Island is taking another look at vapes and might reverse the states flavor ban? Yeah it was proposed by 4 democrat’s and is marching along to potentially reverse the prohibitionist laws that aren’t working but are costing the state coffers millions in lost tax revenue.

Well how about today Florida Lawmakers are working on vape regulations. YUP Senate Bill 1080 and House Bill 987 would correct Florida Laws to comply with Federal Tobacco 21 laws and formally legalize vaping regulation in Florida.

Next I have an op-ed titled Why I Oppose Any Ban on Vape Flavors AND A Real Clear Health article titled “Policymakers: Stop Ignoring the Science on Vapes”

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PACT ACT CURFEW for Vape Products

New Law ENDS Online Sales of Vaping Products to Minors

The Preventing Online Sale of Evolv Circuit boards to Children Act takes Effect 3/26

Metadata reveals medical charity ATHRA received assistance from PR company linked to vaping campaign

Cambodia Issues Asia’s Latest Nicotine Prohibition

Poll: 80pc of Malaysians want regulations on vaping

Health Canada to use influencers to target you on social media

Why I Oppose Any Ban on Vape Flavors

Policymakers: Stop Ignoring the Science on Vapes


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