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Wedding Venue and Supplier Survey Results Revealed! – Wedding of your Dreams

Ever wondered how your wedding business compares to others across Ireland? We recently surveyed 105 wedding venues and 228 wedding suppliers and they revealed everything. Take a look at the videos below to see how many venues and suppliers are increasing their costs next year, which offer off-peak and midweek discounts, the promotional platforms that bring in the most business, and more!


Wedding Venues

We surveyed 105 wedding venues to find out more about the weddings they host and what they’ve got planned for the next year! These hotels, country houses, castles and restaurants share how many weddings they host each year, how many they have booked for next year and how far in advance couples are booking their wedding venue. In addition, this survey covers wedding venue packages and the percentage of suppliers who are charging more in 2023. Ever wondered which promotional platforms other wedding venues prioritise? According to this survey, it’s social media, weddingsonline and wedding fairs hosted by the venue.

Take a look at the video below to view the stats and see how you compare:


Wedding Suppliers

We surveyed 228 wedding suppliers across the country! In this survey, they reveal how many weddings they book each year, including how many weddings they already have booked for 2023. Wondering if you should increase your prices for next year? Take a look at what these Irish suppliers are doing and which of them are increasing their prices. The survey also contains details about the ways suppliers secure their bookings and which promotional platforms bring in the most business.

Take a look at the video below to view the stats and see how your wedding business compares:

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