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Spain: Women protest and cut off hair in Barcelona following Mahsa Amini’s death

Dozens of protesters gathered in front of Barcelona’s city hall on Tuesday, to participate in a rally following the death of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish woman who died in ‘morality police’ custody.

Footage features protesters chanting slogans, holding placards, dancing and singing. Some of them can be seen cutting off their hair.

The discontent over Amini’s death has been rocking several Iran cities with authorities reportedly cracking down on protesters and blocking mobile internet access.

Amini fell into a coma and died on September 16, following her arrest by the ‘morality police’ for allegedly breaking strict hijab rules.

Police say she had a heart attack, and that her death was an ‘unfortunate accident’. Demonstrators claim she was beaten, while her family has denied she had any health problems.

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