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Beijing’s Ukraine stance ‘consistent and clear’ – MOFA spox calls attempts to link conflict with Taiwan separatism ‘political manipulation’ – Market Subset News

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin dismissed any comparisons between the conflict in Ukraine with Taiwan separatism, during a press briefing in Beijing on Wednesday.

“The Taiwan issue is entirely China’s internal affair, which is essentially different from the Ukraine issue, and there is no comparability between the two,” he stated. “Any attempt to interfere in the Taiwan issue through the Ukraine issue is a political manipulation with ulterior motives, a wanton trampling on the principle of respecting state sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Beijing has repeatedly insisted that the Russia-Ukraine conflict is a dispute between two nations, while the Taiwan issue is a matter for China alone.

“Our position on the Ukraine issue is consistent and clear,” the Beijing spokesperson continued. “We have always maintained that the sovereign and territorial integrity of all countries should be respected, the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations should be respected, the legitimate security concerns of all countries should be taken seriously, and all efforts conducive to the peaceful settlement of the crisis should be supported.”

He also commented on US Vice President Harris’s recent criticism of Beijing during her visit to Japan.

“[She] mentioned that China is undermining the international order based on rules,” he said. “Despite China’s repeated dissuasion for four months, the House Speaker of the United States visited Taiwan and called Taiwan a state. The actions of the US side have seriously violated China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Relations between the US and China have become increasingly strained since US House Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Taipei in August.

Beijing conducted military drills around the island following the trip, accusing Washington of interfering in its affairs. It considers Taiwan part of its territory under the ‘One China’ principle, while the island has never officially declared independence.

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