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Germany: ‘I can see myself sitting in apartment and freezing’ – Nuremberg residents comment on energy prices

Residents of Nuremberg commented on rising energy prices on Monday.

Footage shows inner city streets, including historic buildings, where residents share their views or opinions, as well as expectations for the current energy policy.

“I have a pretty queasy feeling when I think about the days and months that are coming. I don’t yet know what that will bring. I haven’t noticed it myself right now. But every time I see a shelf in the supermarket where something is missing, I get a shock right away. I can already see myself sitting in the apartment and freezing,” shared a local man Hans.

Another interviewee, Klaus Wecker, believes that people with average wages are not having that hard of a time, but those living at subsistence level will suffer the most.

“These people will soon be left in the dark if this continues because they can no longer pay their electricity bills,” he added.

Germany has been experiencing an energy crisis since Russia cut off its natural gas supplies and announced last month some measures aimed at reducing gas consumption during the upcoming winter, such as lowering the heating temperature in offices and public buildings.

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