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5 Things to Think About Before You Set Your Wedding Date – Wedding of your Dreams

Choosing your wedding date will be one of the very first decisions you make when planning your Big Day. Chances are you’ll be super excited to get the ball rolling and most likely still buzzing from your engagement! But we suggest before you jump head first and mark the calendar with a date you have a think about these key tips… 

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1. How long do you actually want to wait? 

Do you want to be married within a year of getting engaged? Would you prefer to stretch it out to a two year engagement? Think about actually how long you would like to plan your day, and how long before you are willing to wait before you tie the knot. 


2. Consider yearly celebrations and personal dates. 

Do you see yourself getting married at Easter, Christmas, during the Paddy’s Day celebrations? If the answer is yes to any of these, your planning just got easier! Maybe you’d like to mark your anniversary, or stick to a specific date that has meaning to you and your other half? 


3. Will your budget dictate when you can get married? 

Do you plan to save for the day? If so, a few calculations will show when you can actually afford to get married – it’s not the most romantic ways of setting a date, but it will show you in black and white. 


4. Have you any pre-existing commitments? 

Maybe one of your parents is having a big birthday in the near future, or your best friend is getting married. Think about anything that could put a spanner in your savings and try to steer clear of planning your dates around these times – no-one wants a stressed out bride at their birthday party! 


5. Have you got a dream team? 

Would you be willing to change date to have them at your wedding? Suppliers such as photographers, makeup artists and florists book up sometimes three years in advance so if you’ve got someone in mind that simply must be part of your day, get them to check their diary before you make any final decisions! 

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Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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