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Vaping News Science and Advocacy Report for 2020 12 18 Australia, HK, Quebec, Denmark, US, WVA – Visual News Network

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This is your Hunky Vape 5 on Friday Vaping News, Science, and Advocacy Report for the 18th of December 2020. On the news today:

Australian Medical Association and the Australian Council on Smoking and Health united today in holy matrimony to declare the senate made the right call on vaping! Personally I’d rather throw my thongs away and deal with bindi, cat’s-eye, and three-corner jack than accept this report as good news. But at least nicotine importation with a doctors prescription is still legal. Packaging and marketing tho, is another matter…

In Canada it’s Unintended Consequences from the Quebec Coalition for Tobacco Control. Flavour bans and tax hikes on eliquids continue to hamper smoking cessation and foster a dramatic spike in ciggie sales.
In Denmark there are owls in the bog. How do I know this? The Danish parliament prohibited flavors other than tobacco and menthol and aims to reverse the decline in smoking rates by imposing 32% tax on eliquid which translates to a 66 percent price increase for vapers who can stand to use tobacco or pure menthol flavours.

Meanwhile China CDC study documents that 96.2% of e-cigarette users are FORMER SMOKERS.

In the US, regulators wrestle MMA style with flavored e-liquid rules. 5 states have already banned flavors and created a thriving black market instead of driving people back to deadly combustible cigarettes. Oh and despite the fear mongering Covid-19 has not impacted Vape sales volume… Only the size of our checkout carts… and… the number of retail stores illegally selling safer nicotine products.

For our science segment we jump to The Counterfactual. What’s the right thing to do? Analytical advocacy – getting behind the rhetoric of campaigners.

And the highlighted advocacy groups today is: UK Vaping Industry ASSOCIATION and the World Vapers Alliance

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