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Get Today Bihar Evening breaking news of 12 sept 2022 on STET, Bihar weather, Tejashwi,Gaya pindaan – Visual News Network

Get Today Bihar Evening breaking news of 12 september 2022 on STET, Bihar weather, Tejashwi, Gaya pindaan.

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1. The lesson of the new education policy will be taught to all the teachers

2. Apply for Error Correction in STET Result Card from today

3. Sixth phase teacher planning process completed, 79 thousand posts vacant

4. International service from Gaya airport will start from this day

5. On the second Monday of September, the Chief Minister listened to the complaints of the complainants.

6. More electricity bill is coming due to smart prepaid meter

7. By December, there will be about 2 lakh 70 thousand arrests

8. Monsoon Merciful At Last

9. Bihar ranked second in junior athletics championship

10. JDU spokesperson Nikhil Mandal resigns from his post

11. Tejashwi said that both the veteran leaders of Bihar will meet Sonia Gandhi for a united opposition

12. Paras faction MP is praising Nitish Kumar

13. Is everything fine within JDU?

14. Money rained on Sri Lanka, who won the title

15. Less than 10 thousand corona cases across the country

Mrityunjay Kumar, Bhan Prakash Maurya, Mutoor Rangeela, KK Sinha, Shambhu Singh, Gulshan Kumar Das, Umesh Rishidev, Indra Bhushan Ravi, Arjun Ram, Madan Ram, Akash Kumar and Mohammad Asif

Are you satisfied with the new education policy?


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