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A Portland mother was startled when she recently discovered a homeless woman sleeping in her ten-year-old son’s bed. The intruder was released the following day by the county’s liberal district attorney.

Kelsey Smith’s Ring security camera footage captured an intruder, later identified as Terri Lynn Zinser, 54, breaking into her Portland home and making her way to the child’s bedroom. The footage was uploaded to Youtube on Tuesday.


Smith had left the door unlocked to allow contractors working on the house to enter, but Zinser was not someone the mother was expecting.

The intruder is seen plopping herself down on the child’s bed as a family dog barks at her. Security camera footage was placed in the ten-year-old’s bedroom for the parents to monitor for medical purposes, Fox 12 noted.

The mother then enters the room moments later and initially thinks the person lying in the child’s bed is her husband playing a joke on her.

However, Smith realizes the person lying down is a stranger and becomes noticeably disturbed. She is heard demanding the unknown woman leave.

The homeless woman then wakes up from the commotion and is heard swearing before picking up a large object. The footage then cuts to Zinser exiting the front door.

“It was really disturbing to have her curled up in my children’s room. I mean, the safety of this whole household just feels like it’s been upended,” the mother told KTVL.

Zinser was later arrested by Portland police, where she was charged with burglary in the first degree and harassment.

A day after she was booked into jail, she was set free on a “court ordered release” by liberal Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt’s office, the New York Post reported. Zinser’s bail was set at $0.

Schmidt has an extensive history of being soft on criminals, most notably concerning ANTIFA rioters, as Breitbart News has documented.

Upon hearing that Zinser was released the following day, Smith lamented the homeless crisis in the Democrat-run city and noted that action needs to be taken to address it.

“I feel like the city is declining rapidly and there is a need for more mental health services, more training for the police, probably more police, more community outreach,” she told Fox 12.

As Breitbart News noted in August, Portland’s out-of-control homeless and crime issues have become so rampant in some neighborhoods that some families are packing up and leaving.

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