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Global 20 Vaping News Science and Advocacy Report for 2021 August 13th – Visual News Network

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Unfiltered, Unedited, and Raw can easily describe this Visceral Vaping News, Science and Advocacy Report. Yes it’s another Hunky Vape Global 20 Vaping News Science and Advocacy Report for 2021 August 13th.

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00:00 Global 20 Vaping News Science and Advocacy Report for 2021 August 13th Introduction

02:16 Philip Morris International Acquires Inhaled Drug Specialist OtiTopic; Growing Pipeline of “Beyond Nicotine” Inhaled Therapeutic Products

03:58 Ethical concerns as Big Tobacco hustles into health care

06:15 Vapers told to head to the doctor ahead of new import rules

09:28 Vape rules toughening up

11:20 New e-cigarette bill comes into effect, New Zealand takes a step towards a smoke-free society

16:25 Vape flavour ban under fire as full range of cigarettes will remain available

37:18 20-year-old gets prison time for involvement in string of Lincoln smoke shop break-ins

40:59 Tulsa police search for 3 suspects after smoke shop robbery, assault

Teen Arrested In Connection To Violent Robbery At Tulsa Smoke Shop

42:33Pevely Police investigate rash of crimes of July 20

45:05 Spike in dairy robberies linked to tobacco tax hikes, research shows

47:33 Owners Of Dairies And Service Stations Welcome Tobacco Robbery Study

49:42 Why Are Celebrities Smoking Toad Venom?

52:45 E-cigarettes are not our enemy

58:33 Banning vape sales will do more harm than good

1:03:48 Ukraine also folds to the WHO: stop to aromas in electronic cigarettes

1:05:45 Experts: Tobacco harm reduction already successful in reducing smoking in many countries

1:07:35 ‘Smoking bans don’t work – nor will cracking down on vape and cigarette sales’

1:09:47 Banning 70% of vape products will only help Govt coffers

1:12:10 Association of 1 Vaping Session With Cellular Oxidative Stress in Otherwise Healthy Young People With No History of Smoking or Vaping

1:18:50 Reactions to sales restrictions on flavored vape products or all vape products among young adults in the US

1:23:50 Please, Health Canada, do not make vapers return to tobacco!

1:28:55 Vaping: Vast Database Reveals The Truth!

1:30:52 Global 20 Vaping News Science and Advocacy Report Conclusion



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