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This Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News S2E2 reveals the truth about vaping news, vaping science, and begs for vape advocacy by highlighting #DontLookAround because that’s all it takes to fully understand what’s going on with the vaping industry. Countless vape shops are closing down due to burdensome overregulation of the industry or outright bans which only create a thriving black market and remove the tools needed to win the combustible tobacco epidemic. Cigarettes are not banned or regulated like vapes, except where they illogically choose to ban both. Malaysia is proposing a vaping and tobacco ban for people born after 2005. UK minister of health Sajid Javid uses World Cancer Day to wage a War on Cancer but has cut funding to Stop Smoking Services and allowed reduced staffing at cancer diagnostic and treatment facilities. It’s George Orwell’s 1984 in full bloom. Meanwhile Oregon decriminalizes all drugs but requires vape shops to get a license to sell vaping products used for smoking cessation. Canada has vending machine dispensing safe supply of drugs for addicts, while in the US fentanyl laced misuse of vapes are driving teen vaping scare monger stories to fuel additional unnecessary regulations. All the while ignoring combustible cigarettes which continue to kill 1 person every 5 seconds. You can’t win the drug war or the war on tobacco if you limit or remove the tools necessary to win the war and save people’s lives. So Don’t Look Around because that’s all it takes to see the truth.

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00:00 Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News S2E2
04:35 UKVIA expects busy year for Vape Industry
06:33 China Vape News 2022
09:08 Counterfeit Vapes push GeekBar to change packaging
10:55 Connecticut Flavor Ban
11:34 Vape Patent Wars IQOS and RELX
12:50 Shenzhen UWELL fined 5.12 million
13:20 Oregon Tobacco License CTFK Grading
15:04 ALA awards Georgia Grade F
17:15 Cocaine Pens and Drug Decriminalization for Safe Supply
Cocaine E-Cigarette Could Help People Struggling with Addiction
21:18 South Africa Vape Tax
Vaping industry calls on Treasury to stop e-cigarettes tax
22:07 Boy dies and girl in coma from ‘poisoning’ after vaping together at sleepover
23:30 ‘Secondhand Vaping’ Risks Don’t Justify Public E-Cigarette Restrictions
►►►HHE Report No. HETA-2015-0107-3279 Evaluation of Chemical Exposure at a Vape Shop
27:50 New Jersey Vapes Shops Forced to carry NRT products
30:45 The 11th Circuit Court grants four stays pending review
32:45 Fight Over Flavored-Tobacco Ban Moves to Colorado Legislature
33:50 Malaysia Proposes Vaping Ban for People Born After 2005
35:50 Stop smoking: ‘Slowly wean yourself from the drug’ with a vape
37:30 Vermont Flavor Ban Senate Bill 24
38:44 E-cigarette use may lead some to quit traditional cigarettes
40:06 Hawaii Flavor Ban
41:38 Washington State Nicotine Cap
42:33 A World Cancer Day plea from Yorkshire to Sajid Javid: Level up today to save lives as Covid backlog grows – Dr Kathryn Scott
44:44 #Don’tLookAround it’s George Orwell’s 1984
45:55 Opposition to Vape Bill may exacerbate smoking, top Filipino doctors say
47:00 Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News S2E2 Conclusion


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