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Get Latest 25 daily Bihar live news from Bihar all districts video in Hindi that is 12th March 2020.Get details information on Bihar jobs,Bihar Intermediate,aiims Patna,Rajya sabha seat,CP Thakur,RK Sinha,Pushpam priya Chaudhary,Vikas vaibhav,Jyotiraditya scindia,bihar weather,Ind vs SA odi
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1. The Chairman of the Bihar Board announced the issuance of the result between March and April.
Bihar Board President Anand Kishore has issued a notification for matriculation and inter-examinees. Under which he has said that the result of Matriculation and #biharIntermediate will be released in time this year, under which the result will be removed by the end of March or in the early week of April.
2. #aiimsPatna job vacancies
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3. State Core Committee sends 6 names for #Rajyasabhaseat
Along with the assembly elections this year, elections will also be held in 5 seats of Bihar Rajya Sabha this month. In which the NDA alliance has 3 seats and the Grand Alliance has 2 seats. Under which BJP will get 1 seat in the bag, while JDU will stake its claim on 2 seats. For which BJP’s core committee has sent 6 names. Experts say that the proposal of 6 names has been sent to the Bihar Core Committee. Both of them senior leaders whose tenure is coming to an end i.e. the proposal for 4 new faces including Dr. #CPThakur and #RKSinha has been sent
4. 24 women soldiers rewarded for maintaining better traffic system
Shivanand Tiwari gave his response on #PushpampriyaChaudhary
There has been a stir in the political corridors of Bihar over Pushpam Priya Chaudhary, who is claiming as the Chief Ministerial candidate in Bihar, under which RJD leader Shivanand Tiwari has also given his response and said that we have seen it since then. Was taught, and today it is talking about getting into politics, well there is no need for anyone to take his words seriously.
5. You will get to see a lot in the Ram temple of Muzaffarpur
6. Now you can use WhatsApp on multiple devices at the same time
7. Planned teachers now announced to go to ministers
8. Meera Rajput seen in unique style on the occasion of Holi
9. IPL can be canceled from March 29
10. Traditions to play Holi in Magadh still continue
Holi is celebrated all over the country, but there are different traditions of playing Holi from place to place. In which today we talk about the Budhwa Holi of Magadha. The specialty of Budhwa Holi is that people celebrate Holi on the second day of Holi in Nawada, Gaya, Aurangabad, Arwal, Jehanabad and its surrounding areas. On this day, they take out Jhumta in Magadh region and express their happiness by singing Holi songs on the streets of the village and city singing Holi.
11. IPS officer #Vikasvaibhav gave a statement regarding Pushpam Priya
12. The difficulties of those going back after Holi increased.
13. Expecting more and more unemployed in Bihar this year
14. JDU announced the names of Rajya Sabha candidates
For the Rajya Sabha elections to be held on 26 March, JDU announced the names of candidates for both its seats. Under which, JDU state president Vashistha Narayan Singh, while giving this information during the interaction with the media, has told that JDU has sent the names of Harivansh and Ramnath Thakur ji for the Rajya Sabha elections.
15. Tej Pratap Yadav claims to be Lalu shadow on the pretext of Holi
16. JDU leader claims scattering of Bihar Grand Alliance like Madhya Pradesh
17. Bihar Congress leader comments on Scindia
After the decision of #Jyotiradityascindia, who was out of the politics of Madhya Pradesh, the Congress is now seen in the limelight. In the same sequence, there is an influx of statements of different parties of the Congress. Under which Bihar Congress leader Shyam Sundar has said that the Congress has always emerged from all kinds of challenges, it will also emerge in the future.
18. Jyotiraditya Scindia gave statement after joining BJP
19. Now let’s move towards the news of the #biharweather
20. First match will be played between #IndvsSAodi today
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