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In the Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News S2E4 we take a deep dive into #HarmReduction and clearly see how the hypocrisy must end to allow Harm Reduction help anyone who needs it. Tobacco Harm Reduction is something we always talk about, but rarely does any vape advocate step back to look at the bigger picture. However, the most pressing vape news is also presented because the Element Vape website has been hacked to steal credit cards from customers. Also, with the Senate confirming Dr. Robert Califf as the new FDA Chief the latest news reveals all the industry players eager to get their priorities implemented. Lastly, we turn to the raging opioid epidemic which the White House has now declared a crisis. Will we see a double down on the drug wars or is society ready to admit they have caused more harm than if they did nothing at all? Harm reduction using fentanyl test strips, safe drug supply, needle exchange, and even crack pipes are all needed to stem the tide of overdose deaths.

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00:00 Hunky Vape Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News s2e4 Introduction
03:30 Vaping News
03:55 Element Vape: Major e-cigarette store hacked to steal credit cards
05:57 Senate Confirms Califf as F.D.A. Chief in Tight Vote
11:15 Vaping Industry Regulatory Trifecta including Ban Over the counter Vaping Products, Flavor Ban and Prescription Vaping
13:00 Harm Reduction News
13:48 White House official speaking on national drug control policy and addiction at MUSC
14:18 While we focus on COVID, the opioid crisis is getting even worse
16:55 26 toxic drug deaths: 26 parents, 26 cousins, 26 coworkers, 26 friends
20:41 Spike in drugs containing fentanyl on Cincinnati’s streets
21:39 Advocates Dilemma – Dealing with Stupid
24:15 Over 300 dead in another record year for overdose deaths as city leaders grapple with solutions
28:05 ‘Crack pipes’ aren’t the problem — stigmatizing harm reduction is
30:05 Just Say No consequences
30:26 Reagan Kid’s Drug Nightmare
31:47 End Stigmatizing Harm Reduction
34:44 Vape Shops are Harm Reduction
37:25 Fentanyl test strip bill faces uphill fight in Missouri General Assembly
37:50 Alberta should launch safe drug supply pilot program, committee hears
39:12 Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News S2E4 Conclusion


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