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Democrat Tim Ryan Has ‘Ongoing Problem’ with Law Enforcement After Public Intoxication Arrest – Market Subset News

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), running against Republican J.D. Vance for Ohio’s open U.S. Senate seat, reportedly has an “ongoing problem” with law enforcement, according to the head of the Buckeye States’ top police union.

The Daily Mail reported that the head of Columbus Fraternal Order of Police said the congressman’s “trend of confrontational police encounters” has been an “ongoing problem,” citing the various situations Ryan has gotten into over the years.

“Given Tim Ryan’s track record of calling police officers the new Jim Crow and voting to eliminate qualified immunity, it’s no surprise that this is the way he carries himself around law enforcement,” said Jeff Simpson, the group’s president.

“This trend of confrontational police encounters is not limited to his earlier years. Shamefully, this has been an ongoing problem with Mr. Ryan during his career in Congress.,” Simpson added. “It’s just another indication that Tim Ryan lacks respect for the badge and all that it represents. He’s wrong for Ohio.”

U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) speaks at the UAW Local 12 union rally in Toledo, Ohio, on Saturday, August 20, 2022. (Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

Ryan, who has attempted to portray himself as pro-law enforcement during his Senate bid, has actually been critical of law enforcement in past comments and has a history of disorderly conduct with officers.

The Daily Mail reported Ryan, in the early hours of February 11, 1995, before he was a lawmaker, was cited for disorderly conduct after police were trying to remove an “unruly” woman off the premises in Bowling Green, Ohio. Ryan allegedly shouted “vulgarities” at officers, reportedly “hurled beer” at them, and accused them of violating the woman’s civil rights.

The Akron Beacon Journal also noted that he tried to “get out of trouble by claiming that his father was a friend of a Bowling Green administrator.”

Additionally, it was reported that during Ryan’s time in law school in 1999, he tried to have his record expunged but had failed to persuade a judge that he was “rehabilitated.” He apparently tried to argue that his community service while working for Rep. Jim Traficant (D-OH) was enough to have his past records sealed and the charge expunged.

Three years later, the then-congressman Ryan claimed to be doing community service for was convicted of ten felony charges, including bribery and racketeering. Ryan was then elected as his successor.

However, in 2012, years after Ryan argued that he was “rehabilitated,” the Daily Mail noted that the now-congressman’s problems with police continued. Ryan was arrested in 2012 for public intoxication in Virginia after a staffer’s wedding when police say they witnessed him “unsteady on his feet.”

A police report from stated that Ryan and the people he was with told officers they were returning to their hotel from a wedding. Law enforcement said they smelled alcohol, and Ryan had “glassy bloodshot eyes.”

“He stated that he only had a couple beers and that he had difficulty walking because he had back problems,” the police report stated. The congressman has also allegedly refused to take a breathalyzer test and became “increasingly uncooperative” when put in the back of a police vehicle.

The Washington Post reported in December 2012 that the misdemeanor case was dismissed.

Furthermore, in a recent video of Ryan from the Chinese-backed app TikTok, the congressman also incorrectly initially blamed police for the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, a black jogger who was profiled and killed in 2020.

Furthermore, Ryan voted against condemning calls to defund the police that Republicans had attempted to introduce during the voting on the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

Ryan’s office did not return a request for comment regarding the changes and the police group’s statement about him.

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