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Daily Animal News Show! – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS) – Episode 727 – Visual News Network

It’s the Daily Animal News Show! – Find out more on Episode 727 of the This Week in Science news Podcast (TWIS) with hosts Blair Bazdarich, Justin Jackson and this week’s special Guest podcaster, Roger Chang of the Daily Tech News Show (DTNS) (sorry, Dr. Kiki is away celebrating with family, she’ll return next week!)

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(0:00) – Recording Start – waiting on the bat signal… 🦇
(1:10) – Show Start Intro – w/ Blair!
(1:32) – Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer! – this week, by Blair!
(2:32) – Opening Theme Music
(3:07) – Opening “Good Science!” Greetings – with Blair, Justin & Roger Chang. Intros & Top Story Headlines.

(3:33) – Introducing Roger!

(5:54) – Neanderthals used resin ‘glue’ to craft their stone tools, Justin –
(13:24) – Mammals and their relatives thrived, diversified during so-called ‘Age of Dinosaurs’, Blair –
(22:45) – Barefoot walkers have tough feet but sense the ground just as well, Roger –

(31:07) – Blair’s Animal Corner
(31:38) – Blair’s Animal Corner Theme.
(32:00) – Dung beetles use wind compass when the sun is high, Blair –
(40:13) – Biting backfire: Some mosquitoes actually benefit from pesticide application, Blair –

(46:40) – And we’re at the break!
(46:56) – Half-Time Theme Music – “Our 1st Assumptions Were Correct” by Jake Mann from his album, “Daytime Ghost.”

(47:18) – This is where you can find out about our Zazzle store ( and supporting us through Paypal ( and Patreon ( Please do tell more folks about TWIS ( And please leave great reviews for the podcast on iTunes ( More minions, please!

(51:05) – Interstitial Music

(51:20) – Back from the break!

(51:29) – What has Science done for ME, lately?
A special share from our guest podcaster, Roger Chang, on how the new meat-free “Impossible Burger” is a big change in his lifestyle!
send Science stories to [email protected]

(59:17) – Dark centers of chromosomes reveal ancient DNA, Justin – (in which Justin repeats a story we did last week…)
(1:04:05) – Robots ‘to replace up to 20 million factory jobs’ by 2030, Roger –
(1:18:06) – Frustrated fish give up thanks to glia, not just neurons, Blair –
(1:24:34) – Bird three times larger than ostrich discovered in Crimean cave, Justin –
(1:30:54) – Narlugas Are Real — A very strange hybrid whale was the offspring of a narwhal mother and a beluga father, Roger –

Quick Science Bytes! —

(1:40:54) – Europeans on alert as heatwave intensifies, Blair –
(1:42:54) – Fungal Hallucinogens Send Cicadas on Sex Binges After Their Genitals Fall Off, Justin –

(1:45:06) – Show wrap up.

(1:45:27) – Where else to find Roger Chang —
@JollyRoger on Twitter

(1:45:54) – Thank you’s to our generous Patreon sponsors (no credits this week, will come back with Dr. Kiki next week)

(1:46:42) – NEXT WEEK! – we’ll have Dr. Susan Amari talking about her research into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by studying… CADAVER BRAINS! 🧠 TUNE IN!

(1:48:44) – End Theme

And that’s all, folks! Except, we still have…

(1:52:11) – The After Show – The After Show – not going to be long, BLAIR’S TIRED!! AND THAT MAKES HER SHOUTY! Blair is San Francisco — Born & Raised! And so is Roger. But now she’s moved to Daly City. Blair hangs with the Unicorns. Lowell High School stories are shared. Coronet Theater memory lane. And much, much more…


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