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USA: Biden visits Detroit’s auto show ahead of speech on electric vehicles

US President visited Detroit’s auto show on Wednesday, ahead of a speech on the automobile industry’s transition to electric vehicles.

On the show, which returned after a three-year hiatus, local manufacturers such as Jeep presented their new electric vehicles.

Seventh-generation Ford Mustang, Chrysler 300c-s farewell edition, Jeep Recon and Wagoneer S were presented during the show alongside other vehicles.

“It’s great because this is the home of the brand, we are here in Detroit where the Grand Cherokee is made an hour away from where the Wrangler is made, our home office is literally half an hour from here. It’s the home of the brand,” said Jeep’s CEO, Christian Meunier.

Later, Biden announced the approval of $900 million in U.S. funding to build electric car charging in the US.

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