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Iowa GOP Gov. Reynolds Holds Commanding Lead Over Democrat Challenger – Market Subset News


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Republicans are taking the lead as many parts of the country are struggling under Democrats’ rule.

“Iowa Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds holds a massive 17-point lead over her Democrat challenger Deidre DeJear with less than four months before the November election,” according to a recent Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa poll.

“The poll found that 48 percent of the respondents would vote for the Republican incumbent governor in the general election. In comparison, only 31 percent said they would vote for the Democrat, and five percent said the Libertarian Rick Stewart,” the Des Moines Register reported.


The Iowa State Fair Straw Poll showed that Republicans swept the field in the early battleground state.

“Senator Chuck Grassley was the favorite choice in the U.S. Senate race, garnering 59 percent of the vote compared to Mike Franken’s 32 percent. And Governor Kim Reynolds received the most votes of any candidate, garnering 57 percent of the vote to her opponents’ 30 percent,” Iowa News Now reported.

“In 2018, Governor Reynolds won the straw poll by 10 points and won the election by 2.8 points. This year, she increased her margin in the Iowa State Fair Straw Poll to 27 points,” the outlet added.

“Iowans know Grassley and Reynolds are the leaders they want fighting back against the Biden administration. The Iowa State Fair Straw Poll shows the Democrats’ weakness in Iowa is only getting worse,” said Kollin Crompton, the communications director for the Republican Party of Iowa.

Reynolds announced this week that her campaign has accepted an invitation to debate Democratic challenger Deidre DeJear on Oct. 17.

“I look forward to this opportunity to discuss the issues that are important to Iowans and appreciate the invitation from Iowa PBS,” Reynolds said in a news release. “Iowans across the state deserve access to a vigorous debate about the future of Iowa and I know Iowa PBS will put on a fair, impartial debate.”

It’s not just Iowa, either.

New data shows that Americans by the hundreds of thousands have switched to the Republican Party.

The switch in party affiliations came over the course of the past 12 months, as policies enacted by President Joe Biden and spending bills passed by the Democrat-controlled Congress have been roundly blamed for rampant inflation that has seen record-high average gas and diesel fuel prices, rising food and rent costs, and an enduring supply chain crisis as well as a chaotic, porous southwestern border.

Interestingly, Republicans are gaining a lot of ground in the suburbs of both large and medium-sized cities, “where voters who supported President Biden in 2020 are struggling with inflation and growing increasingly critical of Democratic social issues.”

Perhaps nowhere has the shift in Republican voter registration been as significant as in Florida, where the GOP now outnumbers registered Democrats for the first time in the state’s history.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced in April that Republicans had amassed a 120,000 voter edge over Democrats in the state.

“When I got elected governor, there were almost 300,000 more registered Democrats in the state of Florida than Republicans. Today, there are over 120,000 more registered Republicans, and we never had more Republicans in the history of the state until I became governor,” DeSantis said while signing election integrity legislation that aims to ensure elections remain secure in the Sunshine State.

Democratic operatives have been saying for months the party is cruising to a blowout in the fall thanks to a range of factors.

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