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How to Politely Ask for Wedding Gifts – Wedding of your Dreams

No matter how you ask for wedding gifts, your guests will understand. We’re all grown-ups and we want to spoil our newlywed friends with wonderful gifts to fill their home. So, let’s start with a reminder not to overthink it! We’ve rounded up some ways to politely ask for wedding gifts and financial contributions. Spoiler: they all invite cute poems, because how can you be offended when poetry is involved?!


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We’ve been together a year or two,

we don’t really need anything new.


Yet if a gift is your intention,

we thought that we would mention,

we’d love some pennies to put together,

to save for something that we will treasure.


And just remember, what means the most,

is that you’re with us to raise a toast!


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Many gifts we’ve shared and many gifts we’ve got.

In lieu of a present, a monetary gift would help a lot.

A special honeymoon is our wish,

A wonderful experience together is worth more than a dish.


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To save you looking, shopping and buying,

here’s an idea we hope you like trying!

A wishing well we thought would be great,

but only if you wish to participate.


A card with some money is placed in the well,

then make a wish… but do not tell!


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As you will know our only request,

is to have you with us as our wedding guest.

But if giving a gift is on your mind,

(and for that, we say you’re incredibly kind)

we’ve created a gift list with a suggestion or two,

so we could make it easy for you.


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We’re most excited about spending our day with you,

but if you’re thinking of a gift and don’t know what to do,

we’ve created a list of some suggestions for gifts,

to help us kick off our married life of bliss.

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Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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