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UK: ‘To us she was a neighbour and a friend’ – Ballater locals mourn loss of Queen Elisabeth II

Residents of the small village of Ballater, in Scotland, a few kilometres from the Balmoral Castle, the large Estate House of the Royal British family, where Queen Elizabeth II passed away, offered tribute to the monarch.

“Now of course we are very sad, that she is gone. As I said, she was more then a monarch. To us she was a neighbour, and a friend, to a lot of people here. A lot of people have got very passionate memories of her,” said a local of Ballater.

“Yes, I’ve seen the Queen when I was a little girl, with my family. We grew up in a house that just really love the Royal Family. And my mum took us, me and my sister when we were little girls, and it was just lovely, really really. I always enjoy the Royal Family,” commented another local.

United Kingdom’s longest-serving monarch Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, at the age of 96. During her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth was served by 15 prime ministers.

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