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A smiling Bride and Groom. The Bride wears a long white satin dress, a net veil, and small bouquet of flowers. The Groom is in a black suit.
Early 1940s Bride & Groom

This smiling couple was married in the early 1940s. The pictures were taken in the Bride’s home.

Wedding Gown

Picture of just the Bride in her shiny satin dress and bouquet of flowers with white ribbons hanging down, greenery tied on.
White Satin Bridal Gown

The Bride’s gown is made of beautiful, shiny white satin. The floor-length gown has a train built into the back of the skirt.

Close up of Bride showing open Sweet Heart neckline with sheer fabric filling it in. Long sleeves are puffed at the top.
Neckline and Sleeves

The neckline of her dress is in the “Sweet Heart” style that was popular during the 1940s. The opening is filled in by a sheer white fabric with a simple crew neckline. Her long sleeves have a gathered puff on the top. This gown does not have added decorations, just the beauty of the fabric.

Bridal Veil & Headpiece

Bridal headpiece shows above Bride's hair as ruffle of netting.
Bridal Headpiece

The Bride’s headpiece is a ruffle of pleated and starched lace that stands up. Her veil has a scalloped lace on the edge.

Bridal Bouquet

Small bridal bouquet of a variety of flowers.
Bridal Bouquet

The Bride’s bouquet is small and open with a variety of flowers, giving the feeling of a bunch of wild flowers. A waterfall of white satin ribbons, with small pieces of greenery tied on, hangs down from the bouquet.


Three Bridesmaids in long dresses with short puffed sleeves, wearing large brimmed hats, and carrying long bands of flowers hanging down.
Early 1940s Bridesmaids

The Bridesmaids’ dresses have the same Sweet Heart neckline filled in with a sheer fabric, like the Bride’s dress. Their puffed sleeves are also made of this sheer fabric. Their floor-length slightly gathered skirts have a sheer fabric over a satiny fabric.

Close up of Bridesmaid showing large brimmed hat
Bridesmaid’s Hat

The Bridesmaids wear wide brimmed nylon hats. The shape of their hats was popular during the 1940s. Each bridesmaid wears a string of pearls.

Bridesmaids Bouquets

Close up showing Bridesmaids' unusual bouquets of long band of flowers and greenery hanging down almost to the floor.
Unusual Bridesmaids’ Bouquets

Compared to the Bride’s small bouquet, the Bridesmaids are carrying unique long bands of flowers. These flowers look like Zinnias or Marigolds with feathery ferns. These bouquets are very unusual. I haven’t seen any other like them.

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