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Arizona Deputy shoots, kills suspected robber who had a screwdriver – Market Subset News

Flagstaff, Arizona — On September 7, 2022, at approximately 5:30 am, the Flagstaff/Coconino Emergency Communications Center received a call from the owner of the business located at 4501 Highway 89 that someone had broken into his business, the alarm was going off, and there was a man inside the store. At the same time, a second call was received about a subject threatening to stab people with a knife outside of the business that had been broken into. Officer Patton with the Flagstaff Police Department arrived and contacted the man in the middle of the road near the intersection of Highway 89 and Cummings.

Officer Patton’s body camera footage shows the male with a screwdriver in his right hand advancing towards Officer Patton in a threatening manner. Officer Patton then drew his Taser and the male fled away from him across the street. Deputies McCabe and Harvey with the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office arrived at that time. The Officer and Deputies gave several commands for the man to drop the screwdriver. One of the Deputies stated drop the knife as the original report to 911 was that the man had a knife, and the man was holding a silver object in his right hand. Still photographs taken from the videos show the man with the screwdriver in his hand. The man failed to comply with the law enforcement officers’ commands and backed away from the officers eventually running across Cummings Street.

The Officer and Deputies followed him and surrounded him. The man, who was within approximately ten feet of the officers then turned toward Deputy Harvey running at him and closing the distance. Deputy Harvey shouted at the man to stop several times, however he did not. Deputy Harvey ultimately had to resort to deadly force to stop the man who was coming towards him with a dangerous instrument. At the same time Deputy Harvey fired his weapon Officer Patton fired his Taser. Officer Webster with the Flagstaff Police Department arrived just after the shooting occurred.

Officer Webster removed the screwdriver from the right hand of the man and began to provide lifesaving measures along with other officers who had arrived on scene. Medics arrived to assist however the man, 51-year-old Donald Wayne Henry, passed away on scene.


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