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Cover of Design-A-Dress Kit Hoop-Skirt Era
Cover of Design-A-Dress Hoop-Skirt Era kit

Do you like historical dresses, but don’t know how to sew? Love the fashions, but don’t have anywhere to show off your dress? Would you like to create fancy dresses without sewing? Then you need Design-A-Dress.

Dreaming about the hoop-skirt fashions? Love dress designing but not sewing? Have more dress designs in your head than you can possibly sew? Then Design-A-Dress can help you bring those dreams to life.

Do you have a hard time deciding which sleeves to put with your bodice? Which bodice neckline to use? Don’t know what decorations to put on the skirt? How will the whole outfit look when it’s done? Then you need Design-A-Dress.

Introducing Design-A-Dress Hoop-Skirt Era kit. An innovative way to design dresses on paper. Now you can create the dresses of your dreams. With this exciting clip-and-design book, you can put together fabulous dresses with no more skill than the ability to use a pair of scissors.

Use Design-A-Dress to preview your designs before sewing, or use your imagination to create your own dress designs. Then add color. 10 pages of dress parts, including Wedding dresses and veils.

Want to purchase your own Design-A-Dress Hoop-Skirt Era Kit?

Are you ready to create your own hoop-skirt era fashions? Ready to bring your dress design dreams come to life? Then purchase your own kit for $18.00 USD by clicking on the button below.

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