Wedding of your Dreams

A Boho Wedding With A Rose Gold And Blush Colour Scheme – Wedding of your Dreams

Rachel and Dermot’s Big Day is the stuff of boho wedding dreams! We love the rose gold and blush colour scheme, their beautiful wedding venue and the big smiles on everybody’s face all day long.   Couple: Rachel & DermotEngagement length: 1 year 10 monthsWedding date: 2022-07-21Wedding location: Tulfarris Hotel and Golf ResortPhotographer: JMF Wedding […]

Wedding of your Dreams

We’re Loving These Autumn and Winter Wedding Flowers – Wedding of your Dreams

Flowers are a beautiful addition to any wedding! Spring and Summer are the obvious choices, but Autumn and Winter wedding flowers are just as gorgeous. If you’re getting married in one of the colder months, why not pair your wedding flowers with pampers grass, bunny tails, seasonal foliage, berries or pinecones! Take a look at […]

Actionable Marketing

Trends in using AI for marketing: 2023-2024 – Actionable Marketing

What AI-based tools and digital marketing techniques should businesses from small to large be considering? I’ve been fortunate to be involved in digital marketing for over 25 years now. The opportunities presented by AI recently are the most exciting developments that I have seen in this time, since the early days, where everything from organic […]

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Learn from the best – Technology Subset

At GitHub, we’re not just about offering you a powerful platform to orchestrate your software development strategy. We’re also committed to surfacing community expertise and knowledge, so you and your team can get the most out of GitHub. Today, we are launching GitHub Learning Pathways—prescriptive modules that build foundational knowledge, proficiency, and expertise through GitHub […]

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How I used GitHub Copilot Chat to build a ReactJS gallery prototype – Technology Subset

Ever since we announced GitHub Copilot Chat in March this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about how it’s improving developer happiness and overall satisfaction while coding. Especially for junior developers looking to upskill, or those in the learning phase of diving into a new framework, GitHub Copilot Chat can be such a valuable tool […]

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How GitHub uses GitHub Actions and Actions larger runners to build and test – Technology Subset

The Developer Experience (DX) team at GitHub collaborated with a number of other teams to work on moving our continuous integration (CI) system to GitHub Actions to support the development and scaling demands of our engineering team. Our goal as a team is to enable our engineers to confidently and quickly ship software. To that […]

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Your ultimate guide to the GitHub Universe ‘23 agenda – Technology Subset

The GitHub Universe ‘23 agenda has landed! You know the drill: every year, Universe brings together the world’s developers, enterprise leaders, and security professionals to uncover the latest trends and best practices in software development. Whether you’re a novice open source maintainer or a seasoned Chief Security Officer (CSO), our global developer and customer event […]

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Getting RCE in Chrome with incorrect side effect in the JIT compiler – Technology Subset

In this post, I’ll explain how to exploit CVE-2023-3420, a type confusion vulnerability in v8 (the Javascript engine of Chrome), that I reported in June 2023 as bug 1452137. The bug was fixed in version 114.0.5735.198/199. It allows remote code execution (RCE) in the renderer sandbox of Chrome by a single visit to a malicious […]

Wedding of your Dreams

Wedding Day Fun In This Emerald Green Celebration – Wedding of your Dreams

Meet Caoimhe and Blake! They hosted a beautiful emerald green wedding, where they went all out with their entertainment. The selfie mirror, 360 video booth, brilliant band, two Hummers and so much more. Their wedding doesn’t just look beautiful, it looks incredibly fun too!   Couple: Caoimhe & BlakeEngagement length: 20 monthsWedding date: 2023-08-05Wedding location: […]