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the fundamentals of static analysis for vulnerability research – Technology Subset

Static analysis (static code analysis or static program analysis) is a process that allows you to analyze an application’s code for potential errors without executing the code itself. The technique can be used to perform various checks, verification, and to highlight issues in the code. At Github, we perform static analysis in code scanning via […]

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Improvements to CodeQL’s data flow library for C++ – Technology Subset

We’ve recently made some changes to CodeQL’s data flow and taint tracking libraries for C++, which will improve the experience for custom query authors and enable better precision in some of our standard queries. While these changes are included in the standard queries already, you can also enable them for custom queries. We’ll show you […]

Actionable Marketing

5 areas to master to thrive in tomorrow’s workplace – Actionable Marketing

Basic marketing principles may remain the same but the digital marketing skills and tools you need to thrive in the workplace are constantly evolving. How can tomorrow’s digital marketers future proof their marketing skills? Preparing for a job in the marketing world tomorrow will be vastly different than it is today. While the basics of […]

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Empower developer teams with a new developer experience – Technology Subset

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with customers all over the stack, from cloud-native early adopters to those who are just beginning their journey. In my experience, one thing is true for all businesses regardless of their size: no organization can grow, thrive, and win without empowered developers. From idea to deployment, […]

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Introducing self-service SBOMs | The GitHub Blog – Technology Subset

Following the precedent set by Executive Order 14028, security and compliance teams increasingly request software bills of materials (SBOMs) to identify the open source components of their software projects, assess their vulnerability to emerging threats, and verify alignment with license policies. So, we asked ourselves, how do we make SBOMs easier to generate and share? […]

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Announcing the GitHub Actions extension for VS Code – Technology Subset

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of the public beta of the official GitHub Actions VS Code extension. The extension provides support for authoring and editing workflows and helps you manage workflow runs without leaving your IDE. The extension was originally started as a community project to monitor workflow runs. While it gained linting […]

Wedding of your Dreams

Announcing the Winners of the Weddingsonline Awards 23 – Wedding of your Dreams

Breaking News for the Irish Wedding Industry – The winners of the highly coveted weddingsonline awards 2023 were announced this week at a gala dinner celebration at the incredible Mullingar Park Hotel. A special thank you to our team of judges: Yvonne Dillon Murray from The Wedding Concierge Agency and one of Ireland’s leading wedding industry professionals; […]